Diocese of Bismarck Information on new Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

The recently approved (FDA 2-27-2021) vaccine produced by Janssen/Johnson & Johnson used abortion-derived cell lines in the design, development, production and lab testing. This Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine is morally compromised and therefore unacceptable for any Catholic physician or health care worker to dispense and for any Catholic to receive due to its direct connection to the intrinsically evil act of abortion. No one should use or receive this vaccine but there is no justification for any Catholic to do so. Two morally acceptable vaccines are available and may be used. As always, no one is bound to receive this vaccine, but it remains an individual and informed decision.

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New COVID 19 Updates from Bishop Kagan

As was announced over the past week, Bishop Kagan will reinstate the Sunday Mass and Holy Day obligation for all Catholics of the Bismarck Diocese on the First Sunday of Lent (Feb. 20-21). Please see below for a general summary of the new changes taking place and things that will remain. CHANGES: Spacing in church is eliminated Funeral vigils and visitations before Mass may be in the Church at the Pastor’s discretion. Extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist at the Pastor’s discretion may resume for Parish Masses only. Mass servers at the discretion of the Pastor and with the permission of parents may resume. Choirs for Parish Members may resume participation with the usual numbers Holy Water may be put into the fonts in the Church. Penance services are allowed but only with the use of screens. NO CHANGE: Holy Communion will be distributed under the one species of the Consecrated Host. The Sign of Peace remains suspended. No Offertory procession with the gifts. No face-to-face Confessions.

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Outreach Scheduling

Outreach will now be using online scheduling for volunteers. Use the link below to volunteer in out reach

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Faith Formation Schedules

2020-2021 Faith Formation, CGS & Confirmation Schedules

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9am Sunday Mass On Facebook Live

Spirit of Life will be on Facebook live for 9am Sunday Mass

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