Music Ministry

“My heart is confident in you, O Lord. My heart is confident.

No wonder I can sing Your praises!” ~ Psalm 57:7


Non nobis Domine, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!
Not to us, Lord, but to your Name be all glory!

Music enhances the liturgy, drawing all into praise, adoration and worship at the re-presentation of the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior. Music ministers guide the congregation during liturgies, utilizing their talents of singing and playing instruments. Not only is music a part of the weekend and holy day Masses, it helps make a wedding come to life and brings out the 'joyful sadness' of a funeral.


Weekend and Holy Day Liturgies

A core group of music ministers are scheduled for the weekend Masses. More are needed to augment these groups. Substitute singers are also needed, to fill in when a regularly scheduled singer/player cannot be present.   a monthly music rehearsal to practice new songs and dust the cobwebs off songs not done for awhile takes place on a date close to the beginning of a new month.  Contact the parish director of liturgical music (see below) to learn the date and time for the next monthly rehearsal. Those scheduled for the weekend or holy day Mass also meet an hour before the liturgy to practice.


Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter Liturgies

Some singers prefer to sing only during the 'bigger' events, such as for Christmas, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies. Music chosen for these events include choral music in 3- or 4-part harmony. Extra rehearsals are scheduled and the results can be amazing.


Youth Choir

Currently there isn't an organized youth choir. Some high school students sing and/or play at the 6 p.m. Mass on Sunday nights. Fifth grade through high school students have provided music for the 5 p.m. Christmas Eve Mass. If enough interest is shown, a youth choir could be established to sing one Sunday a month during the school year.



Engaged couples are in need of singers and players for their wedding ceremonies. A list of the musically gifted who are willing and able to perform at weddings is kept in the music office at Spirit of Life. If you would like to be included on the list, contact the liturgical music director.



Since funerals are celebrated during the day, the list of singers and players able to be present at funeral liturgies is small. More singers and players would most certainly be welcome who are able to compassionately help raise the loved ones to the Lord on high.


Contact Information

If you would like to volunteer as a music minister or receive more information about the music ministry, contact Dominick Goettle, the parish music director, by stopping in at the Spirit of Life office, by phone (701) 663-1660 or by email: We are in special need of more singers, accompanists, and instrumentalists.