Your Perpetual Adoration Stories


A large part of my job here at Spirit of Life is coordinating coverage for the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. This has never been a job, but a gift in my life! Through the grace of God, people from churches in Mandan and Bismarck have been present with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over two years! The chapel is a great gift in our midst, a gift enriching the lives of many, but sadly, a gift that remains unopened by many as well.

For me the chapel has become a place of refuge and peace – HOME. Each time I enter I feel that I have come home, and I know that others who come frequently feel the same. As I clean the chapel, I sometimes find tear stains on the floor where people have brought their lives to Jesus. I see their tears of pain and sorrow, their tears of joy and gratitude. I offer those tears and those lives again to Jesus as I reluctantly scrub away the crystallized salty stains. People have told me of prayers answered, peace restored, strength provided, of God at work in their lives. We need to hear these stories! And so I invite those of you whose lives have been impacted through time in the chapel to write a short reflection of your experience of Jesus in the chapel so that we can share those in the bulletin. Please submit your short reflection via email or hand-written to me at the parish office. You may choose to remain anonymous, but please share your experiences with us! God bless you!

Deb Rath  (6/14/15)


Thank you to those new people who signed up to participate in Perpetual Adoration on a regular basis following Fr. Villone’s visit. I know that you will be blessed in so many ways! We still have hours in which we need someone on a regular basis or a second adorer to help out occasionally. The greatest need right now of course is help with the overnight hours. We have a group of four men from Christ the King who rotate a late night hour between them, so each does one night a month. I’m sure we have people here at Spirit of Life who would be open to doing that. Please call the office and let me know if you are open to assisting in that way. When we work together on a large task, it becomes easier if we share the load. Please pray about what God is asking you to do. “Worthy is the Lamb to receive honor, glory, and praise.”  (Rev. 5:12)

God bless you!

Deb (11/22/15)


St. John Vianney writes of Adoration of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament: “If we really love the good God, we should make it our joy and happiness to come and spend a few moments to adore Him, and ask Him for the grace of forgiveness; and we should regard those moments as the happiest of our lives.”

 Prayer of St. Gertrude the Great: “Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son, Jesus, in union with the Masses said throughout the world, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the universal church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen.”



"The Eucharist had so powerful an attraction for the Blessed Virgin that she could not live away from it. She lived in it and by it. She passed her days and her nights at the feet of her divine Son.... The love for her hidden God shone in her countenance and communicated its ardor to all about her." (St. Peter Julian Eymard)

"Devotion to the Blessed Sacrament is the queen of all devotions. It is the central devotion of the Church, all others gather around it, and group themselves there as satellites; for others celebrate His mysteries; this is Himself. It is the universal devotion. No one can be without it, in order to be a Christian. How can a man be a Christian who does not worship the living Presence of Christ?" (Fr. Faber)



St. John Vianney, the Cure d’Ars, advocated contemplative prayer, described as “a loving awareness of God’s presence especially in the Eucharist.” There is a story of an old farmer that St. John Vianney found praying daily in the church.

 “There was an old peasant who every day went into the church before going to his labor in the fields, and again when he returned. There he used to remain for a long while quite motionless and mute, with his eyes fixed on the Tabernacle.

 "What do you say to Our Lord during your visits? " St. John. Vianney asked him one day, surprised at never seeing his lips move." The farmer replied, “I say nothing to Him and He says nothing to me, but I look at Him, and He looks at me." Many times the Cure of Ars quoted in his catechisms this naive and sublime saying, by which the old peasant explained the intimacy of those secret communings, in which Jesus Christ rewarded the love of his servant.” Vianney, Joseph. (2013). pp. 44-5. The Blessed John Blessed Cure Dars: Patron of Parish Priests. London: Forgotten Books. (Original work published 1906)

 Contemplation is gazing on God with the eyes of the heart. Part of this gazing is to believe He is present even when the heart seems overwhelmed with other things. This gaze of love searches for Him and this search takes time. For those who take up silent prayer, who obey the voice which calls out, "Be still, and know that I am God," such contemplative souls understand why the Priest of Ars was moved by the witness of that old farmer.

(Catholic theologian, serving as academic dean of Saint John's Seminary in Camarillo, CA) (11/1/15)


Thank you for your kind welcome for Father Larry Villone last weekend!  He was very impressed with Spirit of Life’s hospitality, our chapel, and dedication to perpetual adoration.  He has dedicated 25 years to bringing people before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and knows well the graces and challenges that await those who commit to spending time with Jesus on a regular basis.  The evil one loves to try to keep us too busy or preoccupied to pray.  There was a man who often said to God, “Lord, I have so much to do today, I just don’t have time to pray!”  As he grew older and wiser and faced many of life’s challenges, he learned to say instead, “Lord, I have so much to do today; I just have to take time to pray!”  Thank you to all the new people who signed up this weekend.  We will be in touch to find a time that works best for you.  And thank you to all of you who have been so dedicated the last 2 years and 7 months!  You know how blest you are and how much you please the Father!  Please keep Father Villone in your daily prayers!  Thank you!

Deb (10/25/15)


“With a clean heart we will be able to be only all for Jesus and give Jesus to others. That is why Jesus made Himself the Bread of Life. That is why He is there twenty-four hours. That is why He is longing for you and for me to share the joy of loving. And He says: ‘As I have loved you.’ If I can give you any advice, I beg you to get closer to the Eucharist.”

Mother Teresa (10/18/15)


I have been attending Adoration weekly here at Spirit of Life for the last 8 months or so. I can honestly say that it is one of the most relaxing hours of my week. The beautiful Adoration Chapel is the one quiet place that I find that helps me think through any problems I may be dealing with. It gives me the time and solitude to stop and be aware of all the gifts that God has given me the past week, and the chance to thank Him for those wonderful gifts. I can’t count how many times I have been troubled by something that is going on in my life, or my family, and while I am in the Chapel, I discuss it with God, asking him for advice. I believe that it takes the quiet of the Chapel to hear what he has to say to me, as they say, “God whispers.” In our noisy bustling world, it is difficult to take the time to listen and hear our dear Lord, thus, the Adoration Chapel is perfect to pray, praise and hear His wonderful words.

Cindy (10/11/15)


“Private time spent in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament is one of the most effective ways of drawing closer to Jesus. The world is filled with noise. We all need quiet time to gather our thoughts, to speak to God and to listen to Him. Jesus is present in the Most Blessed Sacrament to complete the work which His Father entrusts to Him. He is there to fill our soul with the love which led Him to die on the Cross for us. He is there to take over our hearts and to lead us to the love of God and neighbor. He is there to make us stronger and more resolute in loving Him.”

Bishop Thomas V. Daily, Brooklyn, NY (10/4/15)


A person can have so many thoughts at one time and so many things going wrong or negatively that one can feel sick about it and not know what to do. By just coming into the Adoration Chapel and sitting in the quiet for a few minutes, you can prioritize things, and solutions will come to mind, solutions that you would not have outside of the chapel, answers to prayers. Time in the chapel provides insight of where to turn and who to talk to. If anything is bothering me, I go to the chapel, and always the problem is solved. Our thoughts are different in the chapel, and thoughts come to mind that would not otherwise come to mind. I try to spend at least an hour a week and more if the opportunity or need arises. Through the chapel, peace has come into my life.

Helaine Van Eeckhout (9/27/15)


“Blessed Henry Suso says that Jesus will grant the petitions of the faithful in His Eucharistic Presence sooner than any other place. The Saints realized this, and in all their trials and sufferings they hastened to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.”

Fr. Lukas Etlin, O.S.B.

"Yes, it is from the Eucharist that all of us receive the grace and strength for daily living--to live real Christian lives, in the joy of knowing that God loves us, that Christ died for us, and that the Holy Spirit lives in us."

St. Pope John Paul II  (9/20/15)


“The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the best time that you will spend on earth. Each moment that you spend with Jesus will deepen your union with him and make your soul everlastingly more glorious and beautiful in heaven, and will bring about an everlasting peace on earth.”

“On the Cross Jesus said: “I thirst.” From the Blessed Sacrament Jesus continues to say to each of us: “I thirst.” He thirsts for our personal love, our intimacy, our union with Him in the Blessed Sacrament. His longing for us to be with Him in the Blessed Sacrament is infinitely greater than our longing to be with Him.”                                              

Mother Teresa (9/13/15)


It has been said that “on the Cross, Jesus was lifted up in hatred; through Perpetual Adoration, we lift Him up in love.” This is the Triumph of the Cross. This is the triumph of the culture of life over the culture of death. This is the triumph of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament who draws all men to Himself. It is only when we adore Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament perpetually that we act upon the words we recite in the Our Father: Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”



How blessed we are to have this beautiful Adoration Chapel. We can come to visit Jesus any time we want. Night and day, He stays on the altar waiting to hear our needs, our thanksgiving, and our praise. We have all been given many gifts over and over. The chapel in its beauty and silence is a perfect place to come to quiet our hearts, give Him thanks, and to pray for our needs and the needs of others. I feel this chapel has brought much good and many powerful things to Spirit of Life. If you haven't experienced an hour with Jesus, I invite you to this peaceful place of prayer. He is waiting just for you.

Marlene Magilke (8/30/15)


Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen has this to say on adoration: “I remember once having two hours between trains in Paris. I went to the Church of Saint Roch to make my holy hour. There are not ten days a year I can sleep in the daytime. This was one. I was so tired, I sat down at 2:00 pm – too tired to kneel – and went to sleep. I slept perfectly until 3:00 pm. I said to the Good Lord: Did I make a holy hour?” The answer came back: “Yes! That’s the way the Apostles made their first one.” The best time to make a holy hour is in the morning, early, before the day sets traps for us. By being faithful to it, and letting nothing interfere with it, we use it as the sign and symbol of our victimhood. We are not called to great penances, and many would interfere with our duty, but the hour is our daily sacrifice in union with Christ.”

From Those Mysterious Priests by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (8/23/15)


When the Divine Mercy Messenger, St. Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament, was praying before Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, He showed her a vision. Each time a person entered the chapel and visited Jesus exposed in a monstrance, she saw His Divine Rays of Love and Mercy burst forth and encircle the world and everyone in it with graces and blessings! Jesus told St. Faustina that the Blessed Sacrament is the “throne of mercy on earth. Mankind will not have peace until it turns with trust to My mercy. I want Adoration to take place…for the intention of imploring Mercy for the world.” (Divine Mercy Diary)

Mother Teresa of Calcutta said, “What we need is for every parish to come before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of prayer. The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament…will help bring about everlasting peace on earth.”



Though this person wishes to remain anonymous, she would like to share her thoughts on adoration.  She lives 48 miles from Mandan, has a job, and two teenage children, so when she started adoration, it seemed like another chore.  But now she finds it to be a special, peaceful time that she yearns for!  She said,” God blesses me so much!  He helps me with clarity in decision making.  I love this incredible time in adoration.”  She would like to encourage others who think that they are “too busy” to just begin coming to the chapel and “you will realize how it blesses you so much and you are so nurtured and loved.”

Anonymous (8/9/15)

 St. Peter Julian Eymard, founder of the religious order of Perpetual Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament in 1859, says, “Adore and visit Jesus, abandoned and forsaken by men in His Sacrament of love.  Man has time for everything except for visits to His Lord and God, WHO IS WAITING AND LONGING FOR US in the Blessed Sacrament.”


I signed up for adoration when it first started two years ago. I took one hour before Mass on Sundays, but I love praying for others and I love the quiet and peace of the chapel, so I started filling in some hours that were open. Then I also started coming in after work for an hour to pray. There are so many people who need prayers, so I offer up my hour for someone who needs prayers, or for my family and friends. During those times I feel that God is blessing me and filling me with peace. I love this adoration chapel. It is a place to go when you need God.

Gladys Thomas (8/2/2015)


We signed up immediately to be a part of “Adoration in the Chapel.” The blessings, joys, and health for friends and family that we have received through prayers in the chapel are too numerous to mention. I have shared my miracle with Msgr. Gion. Two years ago I had a tumor in one of my eyes and was to use drops hourly and then return in one month for a recheck and to schedule surgery. After the test, the Dr. said, “I can’t see a tumor. What happened to it?” “Jesus healed it,” I said to myself. Last Friday our Arizona granddaughters, ages 19 & 21, attended adoration with us. We taught them to pray the rosary and we introduced the Stations of the Cross and shared the Manual of Prayers book. In the presence of Jesus, we helped them open their eyes, ears and hearts to the Holy Trinity. We purchased the Manual of Prayers and a rosary for each of them to guide them as they get more involved at the Newman Center at the University at Flagstaff. We are very happy to have been a part of this growth. Thank you, Jesus.

Matt and Angie Erhardt  (7/26/15)


Florence Kopp is 86 years old.  She has been committed to adoration for over two years, spending at least four hours a week in prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Florence doesn’t drive, so she either has a family member bring her or she takes public transportation on each of the four days she has committed to an hour of prayer.   Florence says she loves being in the chapel, because it is so peaceful.  “I pray for all my family and friends and everybody who needs my prayers.  You never say no to praying before the Blessed Sacrament.  I never turn it down; if someone needs me to be there, I’ll be there!”  Thank you Florence, and God bless you!!

Florence Kopp  (7/19/15)


When we started Perpetual Adoration over two years ago, Linda and Leonard Schwartzbauer signed up for the 8:00 am hour- every day – 7 days a week! They have been totally faithful to that commitment, either by being there themselves or by finding a substitute for themselves if they needed to be gone. Linda says “I feel I can be more faithful to my prayer life by spending that one hour in the adoration chapel with no interruptions – just me and Him. When I can’t be there, I really miss it and feel like my prayer life is just not what it should be.”

Linda and Leonard Schwartzbauer  (7/12/15)


As a mother of 2, sometimes I feel reluctant to load up the girls and go to adoration. However, it has been a blessing for me to bring them as I'm able to share our faith and more openly talk with them about Jesus while at adoration. I may not always pray as much, or as in depth, as I would like by bringing them, but I'm able to sit and rest with the Lord.

Adoration helps me to relax, worry less, and recharge for the week. I encourage you to bring your children (no matter the age) with you to adoration. It is truly a gift for all!

Danielle Eckert  (7/5/15)


Kayla Roethlisberger has been coming to perpetual adoration since we began two years ago.  She says that at first it was a little difficult to get her 3 year old Ashland to sit still, but she comes along almost every time and she brings her friend “Pancake” the stuffed pig with her,  and even asks to go along with Grandma too!  Ashland prays on her little knees before Joseph and baby Jesus, and then before the Blessed Mother, and then moves to the Blessed Sacrament.    It is a deeply moving sight.  Ashland, now 5 years old, also prays the entire rosary with her mom! How beautiful!  Case, an active 8 year old, comes along when he is not in school or in activities.  Kayla notices a change in a fidgety Case through adoration time, a calming effect.  She says “Peace comes over all of us.”  Kayla says it is a blessing to bring the children to adoration.  “The first step as a parent is to bring them here, and then Jesus brings grace into their lives, more grace than I can even imagine.”  Nothing we can do as parents is more important than bringing our children to Jesus! "My faith, marriage and family have been strengthened and blessed by this amazing opportunity I have had to spend time with Jesus! Thanks be to God!"

Kayla Roethlisberger  (6/28/15)


My experience in adoration this past year has been life changing.  It’s such a privilege and honor to be a part of this journey in our church.  I have had such hope, happiness, love, forgiveness and peace as I’m in this beautiful chapel.  It’s a place I call home.  I can come here and reconnect again, and have energy to face the world and all its problems.  I ask those who have never approached this chapel of peace to please come and find out what your gifts are from God, your calling.  You will never be the same. Thank you!

Lisa Dahring  (6/21/15)