Stewardship Committee Members

Spirit of Life Stewardship Committee Guidelines

Discipleship Through Stewardship

In common language, "stewardship" simply means taking good care of one's belongings. But at Spirit of Life, when we talk about stewardship, we mean something more than that. As Christians, we believe that humans don't really own anything, per se. God has created all things; everything we "own" is really "on loan" from God. From this perspective, then stewardship means taking care of God's gifts--and using them for His purposes.


The Lifestyle of Christian Discipleship

Stewardship isn't a "program" or a fundraising effort. It's not a one-year experiment. It's a commitment to a lifestyle of Christian discipleship. Practically speaking, it means making a time for personal prayer. It means choosing to serve in parish ministries. It means planning a generous, consistent gift to the weekly offertory.

Over time, as each person embraces his or her personal commitments, our parish can become a powerful witness to the abundant life that Jesus has promised.


Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure

  • Stewardship of Time - Spending Time with God In Prayer

Prayer and Christian Life are inseparable, says the Catechism of the Catholic Church. In fact, St. Paul tells us to "pray constantly." But as anyone who has ever tried to pray on a regular basis will tell you, prayer can be hard work. That's why we have to make a firm commitment to be persistent. Just as we learn to budget our money or schedule occasion for service, we also have to be very specific when we make time for prayer. Many people set aside 30 minutes in the morning to sip a cup of coffee and read Scripture. Others pray a Rosary on the way to work. Some people pray with children before bedtime, or pray with their spouse before retiring for the evening. Whatever the format, the important thing is that we make a conscious effort to spend time with the person we love most. Your Stewardship Commitment Card has several suggestions for regular prayer.

  • Stewardship of Talent - Finding Your Role in Our Parish

Are you serving in a parish ministry at Spirit of Life? With hectic work schedules and family life, we all need time to relax and exercise, but we also need to rejuvenate ourselves through service. Reaching out in love to others, while sometimes difficult, is nonetheless spiritually enriching. In fact, it is a necessary part of Christian life. As St. Paul often reminds us in scripture, every baptized person has a role to play in the community.

Every week at Spirit of Life, dozens of ministries are meeting, working, praying, and having fun together. Each one of these is listed on your Stewardship Commitment Card. If you take the initiative to get involved, there is a ministry where your talents will make a difference!

  • Stewardship of Treasure - Making a Generous Contribution

Have you ever created a family budget? At the top of most people's list of expenses are big items like the mortgage, car payments, and tuition. Other expenses are food, credit card payments, and entertainment. But how about the Church? Does Spirit of Life have a place in your family's budget? Throught scripture, we are taught to give to God our "first fruits" or the "choicest portion." In modern speech, we might say that the first "line item" in the family budget should be returning a portion of our income to God.