Our Standard is the Tithe

Though everyone's contribution will be different, the Church honors the tithe (10%) as a scriptural benchmark. Here at Spirit of Life, we are asking each parishioner to give 5% to our parish, 1% to the diocese, and 4% to other charities. It often takes serous re-prioritizing to give to God before spending on self. But over time, with careful budgeting, most families can reach the scriptural tithe.

Guide for Giving 5%
Annual Income 5% Weekly Gift
$10,000 $10
20,000 19
30,000 29
50,000 48
75,000 72
100,000 96
125,000 120
150,000 144
200,000 192


Automatic Transfer of Funds to Spirit of Life Church:

Contributions can be made to the regular collection, or the building fund, or both.  Your contributions are paid automatically from your checking or savings account.  Your contributions are made regularly - at the frequency you choose - monthly, quarterly,or semi-annually.  Automatic payments are accurate.  The program used by our bank, Wells Fargo, is absolutely secure.  Your contributions are handled safely and confidentially.

To sign up for direct payment of your contributions to Spirit of Life, complete and sign an authorization form and return it to the parish office - in person, by mail, or by dropping it in the weekend collection basket.  Please include a voided check or savings deposit ticket with your authorization form.  Thank you!

To print a copy of the Direct Payment Authorization form (PDF format), click here.