First Holy Communion

First Communion Class - May 1, 2016

The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the Christian life.” (Lumen Gentium 11)  The other sacraments and all Church ministries are bound to the Eucharist and point toward it, for it is in celebrating and receiving the Eucharist that we receive Christ in a profound and real way.

Common practice has placed the time to appropriately receive Communion for the first time around a child’s second grade year.  (Usually around the age of 7 but we also include children up to age 10 in the program.)  At Spirit of Life, we provide a six week program, the first two sessions prepare the children for their First Reconciliation and the second four prepare them for reception of Holy Communion.  The program requires parent/guardian participation at six meetings where instruction is provided on relevant Church catechesis and also provides ideas how to best be the primary teachers of faith.


One may request and receive their first Holy Communion after proper instruction during other times of the year as well.  Click here to request additional information.

First Reconciliation and Eucharist sacrament preparation is designed to help parents be the first teachers of faith, as they committed to do when their child was baptized.

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